Premier Landscape Specialists Serving Las Vegas and Boise


Par 3 Landscape & Maintenance, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the goal of providing premier landscape maintenance services to the rapidly growing Southern Nevada HOA market and a burgeoning commercial industry. By focusing on the highest quality work and premium customer service, Par 3 quickly grew to become Las Vegas’ largest maintenance provider with a portfolio that includes some of the most acclaimed HOAs and businesses in southern Nevada. With an in-house landscape architect, a team of designers, and specialized local experience – we can take on any project in Las Vegas or Boise. Our philosophy is to create beautiful landscapes while conserving our most valuable resource – water.


Par 3’s team of experienced landscape professionals have been involved in some of the most visible commercial landscapes in the Mountain West. With an in-house landscape architect and designers that use the latest in computer assisted design technology, we can bring your vision to life.



Par 3 is the biggest and best landscape maintenance contractor in Southern Nevada. We specialize in commercial properties and have provided years of continuous service to many of the most admired master planned communities, hotel casinos, corporations and commercial properties in Las Vegas.



Par 3 is the clear local industry leader in environmental protection. As native Nevadans, we understand and respect our harsh desert climate. We offer data analysis and daily water monitoring along with water saving technologies, flow sensing, pressure regulation and efficient sprinkler heads.