Tree Services

Palm Trimming

Most palm trees should be trimmed once or twice a year. We perform the work ourselves with highly trained tree care specialists using our own state of the art equipment. By doing the work in house, we control when the work is scheduled and our customers save money on unnecessary marked up subcontractor costs.

Pruning & Thinning

Tree limbs and branches can become unsightly and create potential liability for property owners. Our pruning and thinning programs not only ensure the health and beauty of your trees but the safety of pedestrians and motorists as well.

Tree Removal

When it becomes necessary to remove a tree, safety is the first priority. We have the expertise and equipment to properly remove and dispose of trees of any size without risk of damage to people or property.

Emergency Work

High winds can wreak havoc on trees, leaving a huge mess of broken branches and uprooted trees that litter our streets, businesses and homes. When those events occur, we have the equipment and labor force to respond immediately to our customers’ needs.

Arborist Consulting

Our staff includes 5 certified aborists that have decades of combined experience working with a wide variety of tree species in our desert climate. We have the scientific expertise and actual field experience to evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe the proper treatment and best practices to ensure the long-term health of the most valuable assets of any landscape.

Insect Control

Many trees that are popular in our local nurseries and have been planted throughout the valley are susceptible to insect infestation and disease that can quickly damage or kill hundreds of trees at a time. Under the direction of our qualified spray technician, we can chemically treat the affected trees and avoid highly expensive replacement costs.


With highly alkaline desert soils that are devoid of many of the nutrients necessary for the health and vitality of many species, it’s extremely important to regularly fertilize trees. We recommend a combination of granular, soil drench and deep root fertilization specially designed to promote the sustained growth and vigor of our varied tree palette.