Par3 is the Clear Regional Leader in Environmental Protection

At Par 3 we have truly made sustainability a priority. Over the years, we have diverted hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of landscape waste from county landfills to be composted and returned to our soils in the form of mulch that increases soil fertility and conserves water.

As natives of a harsh desert climate, we understand and respect our precious natural resources and how to best protect them.

We were an early adopter of the Water Smart Contractor program offered through the Southern Nevada Water Authority and have many fully trained and certified employees in smart irrigation systems such as Weathermatic™, Rainmaster™, Maxicom™ and IQ™. For years, we have helped protect our environment and reduce water costs as our account managers and irrigation specialists work together to provide our customers with solutions to stop waste, improve efficiency and integrate new technology into the properties we maintain.

We offer data analysis and daily water monitoring along with water saving technologies with smart controllers, flow sensing, pressure regulation and efficient sprinkler heads.