Street Sweeping

As part of our complete landscape services, Par3 is proud to offer complimentary street sweeping services to our HOA and commercial properties. This addition will allow us to coordinate landscape maintenance efforts with our street sweeping division to ensure that your property always looks its very best.

In addition to the debris associated with your landscape maintenance, concrete and asphalt surfaces have a way of collecting waste like – sand, dirt, cigarette butts, grass clippings, leaves and trash. Our sweeping service will remove debris and haul it away, so your property stays clean. Sweeping also protects pavement from abrasive erosion that occurs when vehicles (and people) travel over sand, gravel and waste that lays on the surface.

Our street sweeper is a great solution for HOA communities, businesses and properties that need quick, responsive and reliable service to compliment their landscaping service. We are also available for day or night scheduling, emergency clean-up, or in preparation and clean-up for a special event.

Call us today and lets discuss how we can provide a complete landscape maintenance package for your HOA or commercial property.

NOTE: Street Sweeping is only available in the Las Vegas area